Welcome to JAMU Repository

A dissemination media that describe condition and development of Indonesian traditional health (JAMU)

JAMU Repository starts as a sub community in herbalnet.healthrepository.org. In the year 2014, we begin our own repository with private server.

Most items in the Repository are available as original full-text documents or full resolution images and videos. However, downloading of some of the items may be restricted.


These are the objectives of JAMU Repository:


To promote JAMU globally


To provide access of information that already public


To share evidence-based JAMU development on national health system


To build interactive communication among others, including guest, user, submitter and moderator


To promote collaboration among interested institutional in the area of JAMU


These are the purposes of JAMU Repository:


To continue the activities of herbalnet.healthrepository.org for the scope of Indonesia.


To promote the safety, efficacy and quality of JAMU by exchanging information on national norms and standards.


Our Repository is organized under three broad sections designated as "Categories", "Sub-categories" and "Collections". Information can be searched by various criteria such as author names, title words, subject terms and any word in the original document and receive results sorted by relevance.

Medicinal Plant

Traditional Medicine


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